It was great to be at Richard Hannon stable visit on a dull but windy day, at the Herridge Racing Stables. Even though there was over 100 people attended, who did not care the conditions. But looking forward to see the new 2yr old recruits, for the upcoming flat season for 2017. Also seeing the older horses from last season what there plans are for this season as well. During these past years Richard Hannon, since joining Middleham Park Racing had some stars gone through his stables, in the famous Light Blue and Orange silks. The like’s of Aguerooo, Toormore, Kool Kompany, Great Page, Ventura Storm finishing second in the St.Leger, Esentepe and Atlantic Sun plus many others. But hopefully this year there will be a few stars or star amongst these 2yr olds’ or the older horses as well.

Concentrating on the 2yr olds’ there were a few horses that took my eye, in the parade ring at the beginning of the visit. Which all twenty five horses where walking around a makeshift parade ring at Richard Hannon stable. The first horse that took my eye was a colt first season sire of Famous Name which he is named Bezos. Walking around the ring he had that bit of good attitude in him with his white blaze on his face, with three white socks on his hoofs. Which he stood out from the group of horses. On the gallop despite the windy conditions behind the horses Bezos did a very good canter, but also he looked very sharp going a long the gallop. He could be interesting going through the season. Richard Hannon liked the way he is working and surprise how sharp he is at the moment. The next was a Acclamation colt named Move Over, he had a very nice walk in him that looked like he glides on top of the grass. But when he did do his canter on the gallop, he did it very well and has a good stride to him. Also he was very sharp and very forward just like Bezos. The next colt which took my eye just on the gallops was the sire of Society Rock and his name is Sopranos Rock. He had a great attitude and trying to beat Bezos on the gallop. Richard Hannon said “these society rocks are nice horses and he will do well as a 2yr old”.

On the fillies’ horses there where a couple also need to mention. There was a 3yr old filly called Ventura Blues who did well in the windy conditions on the gallop, but Richard Hannon said “she is a good moving filly whoosh”. Good things to come with this filly this season especially if the ground comes up soft or good ground for her. The next filly is a 2yr old from a sire called Dabirsim and she is named Cape Hill Cotter.  Be interesting how she does in her first season, but did a very good canter against a Dandy Man filly called Dandiesque on the gallops. But it was great to see Sterling Silva back on the gallop he looked so well. He’s been a forgotten horse but I’m sure he will put that right for 2017 season campaign.

                      HORSES TO FOLLOW

2yr Olds’ Horses Colts: Bezos (Sire Famous Name), Move Over (Sire Acclamation), Sopranos Rock (Sire Society Rock), Star of Southwold (Sire Le Havre), 

2yr Olds’ Horses Filly’s: Cape Hill Cotter (Sire Dabirsim), Miss Mo Brown Bear (Sire Kodiac),

Older Horses: Second Page, Sterling Silva, Ventura Blues


Many thanks for sharing the pictures for this write up from Josh Pearson @JoshPearson_10

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